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IRS Tax Debt Relief Solutions By Professional Lawyers


IRS tax debt is overwhelming and can be financially devastating. The IRS has the legal right to garnish wages, levy bank accounts, and seize property for unpaid tax liability. These actions can result in an inability to pay bills and damage your credit report. We can help with a variety of tax debt solutions to greatly reduce, or even eliminate tax debt.

An Offer in Compromise is a settlement agreement between the IRS and tax payer where the IRS agrees to accept less than the full amount. This is often done when the government understands the full amount likely cannot be collected. In these cases, the IRS is often willing to negotiate a settlement to resolve the problem; collecting a portion of the money with less cost to the government.

Abatement of penalties and interest is a form of tax debt relief in which our IRS tax lawyers negotiate to eliminate tax debt that has resulted from high interest and penalties. This often represents a significant portion of the total IRS tax debt and removing these fees can save you thousands of dollars.

After a settlement agreement is reached, we can help you negotiate a payment plan for the remaining IRS tax debt. We are able to negotiate terms that include a cash payment within 90 days, as well as short term and long term payment plans. We work to negotiate a payment strategy that is designed to accommodate your budget or possibly negotiate a deferred collection until you are financially able to settle the debt.

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