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Guidance Tax Services offers IRS tax help to quickly solve your tax problems. Looming tax debt, threatening letters, wage garnishments, tax levies or liens leave families financially devastated and unable to pay bills. Hesitating to get IRS tax help can result in the IRS attaching your wages, levying your bank account or taking possession of your property for auction.

Representation from IRS tax attorneys is necessary for IRS tax relief. We can negotiate with the IRS to settle your tax debt, often for much less than the full amount owed. We will work with you to find solutions and negotiate with the IRS for abatement of penalties and taxes, to stop wage garnishment or bank levies and to find a resolution to settle your tax debt.

To start the process, fill out our online questionnaire on the website. Our IRS tax attorneys will get to work almost immediately to get you the IRS tax relief you need. If you are worried that the costs of expert federal tax relief help will be too much, we offer affordable financing to help our clients get the help they need. All our clients automatically qualify for financing.

Getting started is easy and our affordable payment plans are designed to fit your budget. Submit an application online for quick approval. We are able to provide underwriting in 24 hours, in most cases. As soon as you make your initial deposit, our IRS tax attorneys will get to work on your case almost immediately to save you thousands and leave your tax problem in the past.

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