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Guidance Tax Services offers IRS tax help from highly qualified and experienced IRS tax attorneys. A tax debt problem is a serious situation that can damage your credit and hurt your finances. Expert legal advice is the key to successful resolution of tax debt. We offer affordable financing with easy monthly payments, so our clients can get the tax relief assistance they need.

The law allows for IRS wage garnishment, tax liens and bank levies for outstanding tax debt. Tax payers have had their wages attached in amounts of up to 90 percent, leaving them unable to pay bills. In addition, the IRS can remove money from your bank account, place liens on personal property and take possession of property to sell at auction to settle the tax debt.

Our IRS tax attorneys work to prevent or stop IRS wage garnishment, remove tax liens and bank levies and prevent the seizure of property. We work on your behalf to negotiate with the IRS for settlements that include an Offer in Compromise, abatement of penalties and interest and reduction or elimination of your tax debt. Often, the negotiation process results in saving thousands of dollars.

Once a settlement is reached, our IRS tax attorneys can negotiate a favorable payment plan that fits your current financial situation. This could be a lump sum payment deferred for 90 days or various short term and long term installment options. Get started today to get IRS tax help to resolve your tax problem. Simply fill out our online questionnaire or fax your application to our office, so your attorney can begin working on your behalf.

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