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Recent Deals

Solving All Types of Tax Debt Issues

Guidance Tax Services recently closed the following deals, saving their clients hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of their loans:

  • Offer in Compromise

    Saved $62,600
  • Tax Installment Agreement

    Relief with a Payment Plan
  • Wage Levy Release

    Saved Money & Stopped Wage Levy
  • Business Levy Release

    Got My Savings Back
  • IRS Audits

    Saved $20,000

Offer in Compromise

My tax debt had become completely unmanageable. I had no way to pay the $65,000.00 of taxes I had incurred from the years I was self employed and failed to make estimated tax payments. To make matters worse, I was making substantially less money than what I had in previous years. The payments I could make to the IRS did not even cover the interest that was growing every month. The legal team was able to submit an offer in compromise to the IRS and settle my debt for a one-time payment of $2,400.00.

Installment Agreement

We were tired of constant IRS notices and experiencing anxiety about collection on the taxes owed, which totaled over $85,000.00. We contacted the IRS previously and they had demanded payments that we just could not afford. The legal team worked with me to organize our financial information, negotiate directly with the IRS and get a monthly payment plan of $585.00 a month.

Levy Release—Wage

The IRS had garnished over 90% of my paycheck for back taxes. I was left with only a few hundred dollars to live on, was unable to pay my bills and on the verge of foreclosure. With the help of the legal team I settled my $23,000 debt for a monthly payment of $437 monthly and the wage garnishment was removed within 24 hours. I was able to get my full paycheck and continue on with my life.

Levy Release—Business

I own and operate a private business that experienced hard times and I fell behind on my employment and cooperation taxes and owed over $24,000. An IRS revenue officer contacted my contractors and seized my bank accounts. $17,000 was frozen or garnished. I could not make payroll and my business was about to close. The legal team negotiated directly with the revenue officer a resolution that freed up the money I needed to stay in business and put an end to collection activity with a $1200. monthly payment plan.

IRS Audits

We received a letter from the IRS that they were performing an audit examination of our past tax returns. We were confused about what the IRS wanted and knew we needed help. The legal team contacted the IRS auditor so we would not have to. They represented us in the examination, saved us over $20,000 in additional taxes and helped get the audit closed quickly.

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